High Energy with Grace & Purpose

The Monthly Hustle- December 2020

Happy December Hustlers!

We know you have lots of options and we appreciate you supporting a small local business. Here’s who we are:

The Republic of Hustle and Flow INC was formed to create a vibe. A vibe of support and acceptance. Kerrianne and Tabatha were two moms who found release and growth in their workouts. They found waking up early and sweating it out on the mat, gave them clarity and inspiration to tackle life. They strived to find a way to share this with others and set out to make it happen. Hours, days, weeks, and months of hard work, thoughts, laughs, tears, and lots of sweat went by and their little dream materialized. The Republic of Hustle and Flow was formed in early 2020 as a boutique-style fitness studio for women where members are part of the republic and workouts are high energy (hustle) with grace and purpose (flow). As with any adventure, it may not always go as planned and we had to immediately learn how to adapt and overcome. What was originally thought out to be a physical studio turned into a virtual studio. Roadblocks turned into new roads, and we have enjoyed every minute of watching this virtual studio take off and embraced all of the avenues it has opened for us. We look forward to many years of hustling and flowing with our republic members who believe we motivated them, but really they are the true motivation.

The Holiday Hustle

This December, we will be running an accountability challenge for all members who wish to participate! There will be a weekly winner, as well as the Monthly Winner. See below for details!

How many classes can you take from Dec. 1 through Dec. 31? Our Holiday Hustle is going to see who can Hustle and Flow the most! Each Sunday we will announce a weekly winner, who will receive one free class. At the end of the month, the member who Hustled and Flowed the most will receive a Free Unlimited Month for them and a friend!

To help you reach your class goals our OnDemand Library will be up and running with 40 classes at your fingertips.

All live classes will be automatically counted, and to get credit for any OnDemand classes, simply tag us in a social media post about taking the class. No social media? No Problem, simply just send us a text/email that you Hustled OnDemand!

Stay Tuned…

Coming in January, new membership opportunities to kick off 2021 the right way!!

The Republic of Hustle & Flow